Booking Engine: Increase the profitability of your hotel


Booking Engine: Increase the profitability of your hotel

Tourism in Brazil is one of the sectors that injects billions of dollars into the country annually. According to the Oxford Economic, only in 2017 were US $ 163 billion, equivalent to 7.9% of the Brazilian GDP of the same year. For the hotel industry, these data mean: more guests and more competitiveness between daily values.

With this demand, the establishment needs to have the best offer and provide the best customer experience so that it can be loyal to its brand. To do this, you need to invest in technology, after all, no one wants to get stuck minutes on the phone if the internet offers practicality to solve everything in just a few clicks. Therefore, We have the Booking Engine, a complete tool and able to boost the sales of the hotel.

What is and how does the Booking Engine work?

This technology allows the management of hotel reservations through the website itself. Through it, you can tell how many housing units the hotel has available and the values, so that the sale is made entirely virtual, in a intuitive and fast way.

This technology is similar to that used by OTA's (Online Travel Agencies), that means, online travel agencies such as,, Tripadvisor etc. This method is effective for converting customers, but according to Revista Hotéis, the commission, demanded by the portals, ranges from 13% to 35% of the reserve value, which compromises the profitability of the establishment. In this scenario, the Booking Engine enters as a facilitator to escape tariffs and turn the hotel's own website into a more profitable and direct sales channel.

Find out what are the main advantages of the Booking Engine;

The Booking Engine is a tool that has come to optimize the client's shopping journey and increase hotel profits. Also, it's a way to convert your page visitors into customers.

This tool is a way to rid the hotel of the fees charged by OTAs, so it can invest in its own site and make it the main profit generator of the establishment, through direct sales. In addition, it is possible to offer extra services, such as promotional packages, extra tours etc.

Get to know ROL, a Booking Engine tool that will make your site an important sales channel

The Desbravador Online Booking or ROL, is the Desbravador's Reservation Engine. It is a smart tool that includes all the controls related to online reservations through the hotel's website. With ROL, the site becomes an important channel of sales 24 hours, in a simple and intuitive way.

Main advantages:

- Convert visitors into guests;

- Integration with the Desbravador systems;

- Easy installation and configuration;

- It allows to apply differentiated rates for companies and agencies;

- Secure access (STE);

- Integration with secure transaction systems for payment on cards;

- It is accessible from mobile (cellular) devices;

- It includes all controls regarding reservations for both hotel and guest;

- Multi-language (Portuguese, English and Spanish);

- Personalized rates;

- Allows to apply discounts at specific periods and use promotional codes;

- Rate control report / availability;

- Integrates with the main OTAs;

- Integration with social media.

Bonus Features:

Online FNRH card available from the reservation (pre-checkin);

Welcome email;

Thanks email after checkout;

Satisfaction survey.

ROL also has its own Revenue Management (RM), which allows you to control variable rates according to configured factors such as occupations, room nights, number of apartments selected in the reservation and days that are missing for check-in.

In addition, it has Channel Management, a tool that integrates systems and online sales channels (OTAs), sending rates availability, restrictions and automatic receipt of reservations. It offers variable rates according to the rules stipulated in the system itself.

These are some of the advantages offered by the Desbravador system.

The Booking Engine is a tool that meets the demands of the current customer, that is, make purchases in a simple way without having to move from the place. In addition, it generates great benefits to the hotel and ensures better sales management and cost-effectiveness.

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