How to identify a good supply truly committed to your company success?



How to identify a good supply truly committed to your company success?

A supplier-client relationship is supposed to be a long lasting one. It directly influences how the product is delivered, therefore you need to feel confident that, no matter the scenario your demands will be met with the necessary expertise. In the specific case of software, you need to be sure that your reports will reflect real data allowing your decision-making process to be paved by solid, trustworthy data,

Desbravador Software has been this kind of supplier for more than three decades, for each of their clients and for this had been awarded for the last 3 years in a row “Outstanding Supplier for Hotel Industry”.

We are celebrating this recognition as it means our philosophy has effective and positively contributed to our client’s own success.

Our history started in 1988, in a time when management software was little known and access to internet still very restrict.

One of our clients requested us a software that could go beyond check in and check out processes. A software that could meet the demands of a luxury hotel whose guests were celebrities, international guests, authorities and businessmen. We embraced the challenge and delivered a new software to our client. Our expertise was to develop a software that could ease management, operation and decision-making process in every area of a hotel. By exceeding our clients’ expectations, who is still with us we felt motivated to be on a continuous improvement always cheering our partners own success.

In this continuously growing, evolving and innovating we started also serving gas stations with our DESBRAVADOR GAS STATION as well as restaurants and bars with DESBRAVADOR FAST software. Both carefully thought for each of those segments.

Throughout these 33 years many challenges became success cases and took us farther. We opened branch offices in Argentina, Paraguay and United States besides 14 units of support in the main cities in Brazil. We entered Europe through the Portuguese market and expanded our portfolio in Brazil. As for stores and restaurants we have had clients such as Lugano Chocolate and Fasano Restaurants, in the hotel segment we are partners with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, the biggest hotel franchiser in the world, with more than 9 thousand enterprises in 80 countries. As a consequence of this partnership we entered in Mexican, Bolivian and Peruvian markets besides the ones previously conquered, Uruguayan and Chilean. In the segment of gas stations, we got clients such as American Oil. For a decade of new achievements, we will soon be able to share amazing news: a bite on “the big Apple”!

In 2020, worried with our guests and hotel workers’ well-being, we developed iSERVICE: for contactless check in and check out, room service and CSAT.

Our relationship of trust with our clients, small, big or chain hotels, has made us seek excellence in service, development of products, and desire to innovate. There is a committed team of more than 200 coworkers serving about 4 thousand clients, always doing their best to guarantee our clients satisfaction.

Each of these achievements made us a solid company in the market: a company with a history of success. Desbravador Software has grown and is ready for higher flights, therefore the need of an international brand: DHT Hospitality Technology, our Desbravador for the international market, same quality work, same support and quality products. The same serious and respectful company with an international identity, these are the things that make Desbravador Software and DHT Hospitality Technology your ideal supplier for business.


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