Cloud Computing: This technology will make it easier to manage your business


Cloud Computing: This technology will make it easier to manage your business

Over the years and the advancement of technology, many companies have been choosing to store information in online management systems. This innovation is only possible through cloud computing (storage or sharing of information / files on online servers).

In addition to being used on the company's computer, it allows staff to access content via smartphones or tablets, as long as they are connected to the internet, without necessarily being present at the local. Imagine that you will spend the day traveling or at an out-of-town meeting, but you need to be on the inside of what is happening in the company, so in just a few clicks you have the necessary information in the palm of your hand. In addition to gaining mobility, the cloud management system allows the team to be always in communication, even if geographically distant. Another advantage is the bug fixes and updates, which occur constantly in a quick and practical way.

Security is another important point, cloud computing providers are highly secure from intrusion or data loss, provided you choose a reliable system with digital certificates that ensure the authenticity of the website and the encryption of the data.

Some examples of popular cloud computing, but for personal purpose, are Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon WorkSpaces, and Streaming music like spotify. Music apps, for example, prove that the famous MP3 is behind.

How to acquire?

There are companies specializing in setting up cloud management systems specific to each branch. Desbravador, for example, is a reference in hotel systems development and has Light Web, a 100% online system that allows the access of the information of the establishment of any mobile device connected to the internet. With this, you do not need to invest in a network installation through cables as everything happens virtually.

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