More than system developers, we are Pioneers!


More than system developers, we are Pioneers!

Art: human activity linked to aesthetic manifestations and expressed through painting, drawing, writing, music, architecture, dance and various languages. This is how informal dictionaries call art.

From prehistory, through the cave paintings, we accompany the need to represent experiences, feelings, emotions, perceptions of life or storytelling, and today it is no different. Every artist has his technique and with it leaves a mark on the world. But for his artistic expression to be valued, it is necessary to understand it, to appreciate it and to take it into the world.

Com essa percepção e seus 30 anos de estrada, a Desbravador Software não deixou sua história passar em branco e decidiu colorir seu muro com um grafite do artista chapecoense, Digo Cardoso. 

Whoever walks along Rua Marechal Bormann, in the city of Chapecó (SC) where the head office of Desbravador is located, faces the 16m wide by 4m high and vibrant colors design that represents the company's areas of expertise. Desbravador is a reference and among the 50 largest software companies in Brazil, with specific systems for hotel, gastronomy, gas stations and convenience stores.

The works of the artist are spread throughout the city of Chapecó and to Marcelo Pompeo, director of Desbravador, leaving this mark on the wall of the company is a way to encourage and value local art. "Just as our systems are pioneering the world, our region is rich with talented artists, hardworking and dedicated workers who are seeking recognition, so this is also a way to publicize and value Digo's work, in addition to leaving the company more beautiful and celebrate our 30 years ".

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