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5 years of research and development

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years of research and development

Desbravador 4.5 is a product that has taken over 5 years of development, by a team of more than 100 professionals dedicated to develop the best solutions and technologies for the system.

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Experience Design

The main focus is on our user during the execution of the task, so we observed, experimented and remodeled all functionalities in order to become more practical and intuitive.

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Customizable bookmark menu, search menu for quick access to any system functionality, search filters and open features bar.

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Notification Control of all system events - allows you to interact and solve any pending events without interrupting other activities.

Logbook and log control - log of all daily occurrences, shared with all system users, comparing current and previous states.

Main Features

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Multi-company, Multilanguage, Multi-Country, Multi-currency

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Multiple Cash Register

Provides individual control of Cash Registers by operator with simultaneous operations.

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Cloud Computing

With this technology, your server can be allocated 100% in the cloud. Therefore providing more data security and reducing local infrastructure costs.

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Reservation budget

It is possible to make reservation budgets for further confirmation, allowing the control of planned and effective bookings with their respective cancelation reasons.

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Availability query

It allows a broad and detailed infographic view of the occupations, showing the numbers and heat maps by apartment types, divided by daily rates.

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Housekeeping agenda

Through an agenda, the system allows to associate governance services to packages or operations of In and Out, change of bed linens or Turn Down.

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Day Use Control

It is the reservation control with In and Out on the same day, using a UH (Housing Unit).

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Day Pass Control

It allows you to manage people capacity allowed in the hotel's surroundings, including reservations and consumptions in the common areas of the establishment, such as swimming pools, parks, courts, etc.

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Meal Board Consumption Management

This application allows preparation control and payments of all meals made in the hotel, whether they are included or not in the daily rates.

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This function assists in the resolution of hotel pendencies, such as past due accounts, check outs and unrealized consumer postings, among others.

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Maintenance Schedule

It allows the control of the maintenance that must be done in the UHs (Housing Units) or in common areas, through resources such as schedule and recurrence, sector and execution team.

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Object Loan Control

It allows the balance control for objects loaning to guests and projections of requested items, such as extra bed, cribs or other items that the guest may need to use.

Exclusive Dark Mode

+ alternative skins

Dark Mode is a predominantly black color visual theme, chosen exclusively for the new 4.5 Hotel Management interface.

The main advantage is the information-oriented focus, better contrast and low visual fatigue. In addition, the Dark theme brings more sophistication to the interface.

This type of theme was used long ago when the interfaces were simpler, basically text. It is currently a trend and has been globally adopted by computer software and mobile applications.

The user will be able to switch between traditional white, dark, or the alternative option Light Blue.

Flexible Booking Map

Mapa de Reservas

This feature is a key point in the hotelier's daily life. We dedicate our efforts to optimize usability when viewing, registering and modifying reservations.

In a few clicks and with keyboard shortcuts you can perform the essential tasks of a check-in/walk-in, reservation transfer, change the period or status of the UH and work with groups by type.


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