Bleisure - Pushing the hotel industry


Bleisure - Pushing the hotel industry

Bleisure, you probably have not heard of that word yet, but you know exactly what it means. In the business world it is common to travel to work, and to extend a few days to enjoy the destination, is a consequence. Bleisure is just that, business + leisure.

This term is part of a mega-trend of the corporate environment: combining travel with work with a pleasant experience. In general, is to enjoy the stay to have a few days of fun and rest, but of course, after completing the tasks.

However, it is not only in organizations that this trend is spreading. The hotels are creating strategies to receive this audience, which most of the time does not travel alone.

This new category of travelers becomes an opportunity for the hotels to win them and retain them. To do this, some offer a list of activities that can be done in the off-hours, such as: special packages with discounts and additional services, city tour, dinner with typical dishes and spa treatments with massage, yoga and local culture rituals, options which aim to relieve stress.

Thus, visitors have an opportunity to combine duty with leisure, and hotels see an opportunity to attract this new audience. In Brazil, corporate tourism has been taking place for some time and has grown annually, accounting for hotel movements throughout the year and accounting for about half of the revenue from hotels and travel agencies.

This practice also seeks to engage and bring better results to the company. In this way, reaching goals and closing deals becomes more productive and enjoyable. It ceases to be an obligation and ends up becoming something natural. So, everyone wins.

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