Undertaking in specific and still unexplored niches is quite a challenge. But it can also be a great chance to stand out and become an authority on the subject. Realizing this window of opportunity, in recent years, several enterprises have invested in the multi-property segment. The bet paid off! And what you see today is a solid market with great expectations for the future.

A type of tourism and investment on the rise

Multi-property emerged in France and strengthened in the United States, it was introduced in Brazil in the 80s, multi-properties were only regularized in the country a few years ago. In 2018, Law 13,777 defined the activity as a “condominium regime in which each of the owners of the same property is the holder of a fraction of time, which corresponds to the right to use and enjoy, with exclusivity, the totality of the property, to be exercised by the owners on an alternate basis.” In a simpler way, the term can be understood as the collective acquisition of one or more shares of a property, with the expenses divided according to the fractions of each acquirer. These “second homes” - which, in most cases, are apartments in coastal regions - can be used by the buyer during certain periods of the year, usually for a week or fortnight, depending on the type of contract. To broaden the access of different audiences to this category of real estate investment, companies have included several options in their portfolios. Compact “holiday properties” can be found, up to R$20,000 for example, as well as high-end properties with structure for yachts and helipads. According to the Report “Scenario of the Development of Multi-Property in Brazil”, published in June 2022, most buyers (married and with children) are between 30 and 39 years old.

Who makes part of this market?

 This property-sharing model involves several players in the real estate, leisure, and tourism sectors. Hotel Chains and Managers, Builders, Developers, Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers and Condominium Managers are some of the groups that drive and build very encouraging results. The increase in multu-property sales is evident throughout the country, here we highlight the region where Desbravador Software is headquartered: “_This year, the South stands out with the highest growth in supply with 45%, with emphasis on Santa Catarina, which went from 7 for 15 projects in 2022.” (_Report - Scenario of Multi-Property Development in Brazil)

Desbravador Software: Enabling New Technologies - Transforming the multi-property market

To also meet the needs of increasingly robust companies, technological solutions must be up to par. That's why we launched the first multi-property management software in Brazil - Desbravador Condominium.

Condominium is unique and complete

 All functionalities are exclusively designed and connected so that the management of multi-property happens in an integral, practical, and intelligent way. Grouped information - Automated and organized administrative, financial, accounting and sales controls for stakeholder access and management. New business monitoring - Allows the inclusion, tracking and supervision of contracts throughout the journey.

Organization of teams - Management of entry and exit of consultants, formation of customer portfolios, permissions, registration of demands and goals, among other items necessary for personnel organization.

  • Sales rooms - Virtual negotiation spaces, adaptable to different profiles of projects and sales teams.
  • Super secure storage - Institutional information and personal data preserved through the best digital protection features.
  • Strategic communication - A good experience generates identification and connection with the brand. Customer registration information allows the creation of well-targeted marketing actions.
  • Decision making - Numbers give certainty of the best paths to follow. By analyzing the reports generated by the system, adaptations, changes or new directions can be carried out with conviction.

Owner’s Portal - Specific APP for multi-owners

Helpful and easy to use. Desbravador Condominium is the market response to the multi-property category, and the Owner’s Portal is the exclusive support arm for investors. This application facilitates the connection between the parties, reduces the bureaucracy of processes, makes information, data, and documents available, providing agility to customer demands. Booking Scheduling - Includes services for making new reservations, checking periods already used and other options that encompass the activity. Access to Financial Data - All owner’s history organized in one place. It includes the consultation and history of securities payable and receivable and allows the inclusion of payment receipts. Shared documentation - Personal and property registration records, contracts, among other documents common to the parties are stored for consultation whenever necessary. Facilitated meetings - This feature greatly contributes to the participation of all owners in meetings, as they can take place online. In addition, in the “poll” field, the unit owner can vote on the subjects on the agenda and, at the end of the meeting, digitally sign the minutes.

Take advantage of this opportunity and get ahead!

 Automate your business as soon as possible with the first specific software for managing multi-property. This is the chance to further consolidate your reputation in the market and make your brand a successful case.

Do you want to know more details about the Desbravador Condominium? Get in touch right now and discover the most complete and flexible solutions for your company.

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