Tech Talk Desbravador - Agile Methods


Tech Talk Desbravador - Agile Methods

Desbravador Headquarters team received Professor Ana Márcia Debiase, who is a master in computing and software quality and process of improvement consultant, for the first Tech Talk this year on Agile


During the Teck Talk, Professor Ana addressed some topics, such as agile methods, concept of agility, importance of each agent involved in the methodology and their responsibilities.

More than 60 co-workers attended this Tech Talk and were able to deepen their knowledge about this methodology which is the basis our work.

For Professor Ana Márcia, process of development and management is the core of the company and what supports it, therefore following a methodology and constant improvement is the key to

succeed in work processes.

"A company that develops software needs to take good care of processes, because that's where all its investment is and where efficiency, quality and good service come out, so every process must be well aligned."

The company's initiative also surprised her. "This is the first time I have been invited to speak to a company group and this initiative proves how Desbravador promotes knowledge and improvement."

Tech Talk is adopted by Desbravador to encourage knowledge and bring relevant content to co-workers, so they can improve their work techniques and exchange information.

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